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Change to https with WordPress

By Sue Johnson

https green lock

If your website is currently using http instead of https, it is a good idea to get an SSL certificate so that you can use https. SSL certificates encrypt data, keeping passwords and user submitted information safe by stopping it going out into the internet as plain text. GDPR regulations require that you protect your […]

Vertically align images using CSS

By Sue Johnson

Vertically aligned logos

Have you had the problem of vertically aligning images on a web page, for example a series of logos?

I researched this problem and found a number of complex solutions using positioning. There is a simpler way and it is responsive as well.

Moving a WordPress website

By Sue Johnson

WordPress logo

If you create a WordPress website, it is good practice to first create a development site on your own computer then move it to your webhosting when it is finished. You can’t just upload the website and database, it won’t work because WordPress uses absolute URLs and these will all need changing. You may also […]

Install Sass, Node.js and Grunt on Mac OS X

By Sue Johnson

Sass, Node and Grunt logos

What are Sass, Node and Grunt? Sass is CSS preprocessor which means it can use CSS like a programming language. For example, it can use variables so I could just define the brand colour as a variable and use that variable in the code. If it changes, I only need to change it once. Node […]

Create custom posts in WordPress

By Sue Johnson

Custom posts

As well as pages and posts, WordPress has the ability to use custom posts. These are useful for special pages which don’t fit within pages or blog posts. For example, custom posts can be used to create a portfolio or something like pages of books or recipes. WordPress was originally a blogging system, the introduction […]

Create a skip link for accessibility using jQuery

By Sue Johnson

Accessibility skip link

Some people access website links using the tab key on the keyboard instead of the mouse. This could be due to being blind or having mobility problems in the hands. Tabbing through each item in the menu to get to the main content can be tedious for such users. A solution to this is to […]